Tiki Shuffle

Tiki Shuffle

Slot machine test: Tiki shuffle

It's probably not an exaggeration to say that it is the slot game Tiki shuffle a online slots, which clearly breaks a very different path, without however it completely to avert the genre. Tiki shuffle everything is just slightly different. The machine made by mercury differs namely above all in alignment. Basically there are three reels, however the symbols rotate to vertical, the entire roller does not rotate so. That total a field of nine symbols that are also not entirely different. Because your goal is to spin at least a figure, which consists of head, torso, and feet and is a member of only one color. This is pretty easy and fun. Because although the Tiki shuffle slot machine is basically without bonus features, white very much to occur the slot game, which is due to the values of the normal icons. If there is a profit, then that is noticeable also quickly on your account.

Do you maybe take a look so you can make you a better picture of Tiki shuffle? Then you can play Tiki shuffle for free and just test alone, what is at stake. For this you can visit the Sunmaker Online Casino where you become also the real player.

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Tiki shuffle play online

Most likely, the playing field can be described so that three are three fields, which are always vertical three fields together. Any winning lines from left to right or the like are formed in the Tiki shuffle machine game so. Accordingly the game requires also absolutely no payline. If there is a profit, then it's a complete statue, left, located in the Center or right. Fully it thinks that it consists of only one color. Of course, there can be multiple profits if more than just a statue is completed.

A color should be repeatedly fully, then the profit is in addition even doubled or tripled. The fundamental gain height but heavily linked to your usage in Tiki shuffle. Because of multipliers of the symbols is a naturally higher, the higher your usage is set. There you need to find so a good measure, using what you want to play, always first pulled off you eventually to the start of a round by the account.

Slot game symbols in the Tiki shuffle online slot

The symbols in Tiki shuffle are very clear, because in fact there are only six pieces. At least, there are six statues with different colors. Orange, yellow, green and red, as well as light green and blue. Each statue is composed of three parts - the head, torso and feet. Only if all three parts, gets a color, it counts as a win. There are no long or short line in Tiki Shuffle so, however it can be an additional multiplier of x 2 or x 3 type, when the statue of a color appears the same two or three times. The icons are quite powerful, because already the easiest Statue brings back the quadruple use as profit.

Slot machines instructions by Tiki shuffle

Once you can choose, whether you want to play Tiki shuffle in the casino for real money. Then registration is required only once, unless of course, you're already a customer. Then, newly .you easy round for round, look, if the luck on your side is. If a profit is made, you have to but still not directly insert these. Ladder and risk maps are available in Tiki shuffle. Optionally you can use again your winnings thus on a boost. The play money version is sufficient, it is also possible to the play slots for free without registration.

Conclusion to the Tiki shuffle test

With his South Pacific feeling and the special construction of the game mechanics brings much fresh air in the slot machine Casino Tiki shuffle anyway. Although you can expect no million from the profits, but due to the good values, but also a few nice gains are possible, so that the Tiki shuffle slot machine can be more than just a fun in between.